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Community Outreach 

We believe in developing our community. Several times of year we hit the streets to provide meals, hygiene products, and so much more to those in need. We host several funraisers and iniciatives for domestic violence victims and survivors, at risk foster youth, and we send care packages to women in college.  


Business to Business Partnerships

Are you a business owner looking for a way to connect with more businesses in the local area? This business to business partnership is an exclusive offer to FFA members that allows our members to enjoy special discounts and offers between businesses within our own community. 


Join us for our brunch meetings. This is a day where women can come together and connect with like minded individuals, participate in relevant conversation, extract tips for advancement, and discuss upcoming events. 

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When you become an official member you'll receive a community that will help you and your business grow, phenomenal networking opportunities, exclusive discounts, access to our online academy, and so much more! Join today!

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