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Are You Doing Too much ???

Ladies, our ambition, our tremendous work ethic, and our passion to crush our goals are all amazing. Sometimes the overwhelming desire to succeed can lead us to doing too much. That's right, there is a such thing as doing way too much. In business, in life, and other areas that cause you to spread yourself way too thin. Think about it, if you're dedicating your time to 6 or 7 things, there is no true relationship with each category you are involved in. Understanding that your goals are beautiful and each of them take time, especially in business. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, in fact it is one of the most complex, emotional things you can ever do. The execution of your business depends on how much time you dedicate to it. Its like the old saying "you get back what you put in". If you are spending the time that it takes to learn, and execute every dimension of your business your results will show nothing but success. Similarly, if you are not dedicating time to your business and your execution is not there, it will also reflect in your results.

To be a woman in business is one of the most exciting yet difficult things to do. Not just because of the long hours and crazy busy schedules, but our outside lives as well. As women we tend to take on so much (naturally) with family, relationships, and so much more, we leave little to no room for self-care. You are THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship in your world. Self-care is the foundation to being healthy in all areas of your life. It helps you become self aware and ready to take action for the better. Its okay to have big dreams, and lots of business ideas, in fact, for a lot of us it keeps us going. However, just know that you can accomplish everything you desire one step at a time. Take the time to master one thing before moving to the next. It will help increase your value and expertise.

With lots of love and sparkle,

Eugenia Doreen.

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